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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Evaluation 6

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

In Research and Planning I used technology to help with my research into the genre and research different films.The internet was the technology i used most in this section, it was useful in accessing 'old media' such as books and articles from papers. The most obvious wedsite I used was blogger which is how I recorded our progress and showed my groups work. I also used different search engines such as google and bing to find our facts and look at different websites for research into the horror genre and into the different stereotypes of the genre. I also used the site IMDb for looking up budgets and box office figures of the films I deconstructed it was also good for checking up facts like the director of a film.. I used the scanner to upload the call sheets and storyboards so they could be uploaded also it was good to use to everyone in the group had copies.
When making the product the most important tool I used the digital camera to actually do the filming, this was one of the things which i feel was easiest. Another form of technology was email, I used this to email the picture of the location to the macs so we could upload the onto the blog, this helped us in being able to communicate with each other when we were apart. When making the podcast with used the recorder to make them then upload them to the blog, this was good because we could all have our imput.

We used the Macs to upload and edit our product, this is how many low budget real media texts are made so it was good that we had access to them even it we didnt have the same software because it helped us to learn about the way real media products were made.

We had certain programmes on the Macs which helped us to create our our product such as iMovie which is what we used to edit and software and put the different effects on it. This gave the product a real feel and when we edited the product together it was easy to use and understand the different tools. We also used this programme to make title screens.
Garageband was used to create our soundtrack, we used it to find the notes we wanted and overlay them and make a track that fitted with our film. 
LiveType was used to make our Idents, this was done by picking a background, adding text and adding sounds to creat a clips that was a few seconds long. All of these programmes were very helpful and few ago they would not of been available to students. 

In the evaluation I used many different wedsite to gain pictures, as well as using pictures and links from previous post on my blog.
Other forms of technology we used was youtude to get audience feedback and upload our roughcuts and idents. It made the process of getting audience feedback a lot easier than it would of been years ago. We also used sites such as Divshare and Scribd to upload our treatmeant and some of the idents as well as a USB to share information in the group. 
The forms that were particulary useful other than the internet search engines themselves was the iMovie it made the whole editing process a lot easier and I was suprised at how good a product we could get from such a basic programme. Along with garageband it helped make the finished product rather professional and look like a real amateur film.

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