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Monday, 17 January 2011

ALL- Deconstruction: Hell Night (Tome DeSimone) (1981)

Budget: $25 million approx (i couldnt find the budget on sites such as IMDB to verify this, the budget does seem very big for such an old film).
Released in 1981 although there has been a sequal since this date such as Happy Hell Night released in 1992.

Synopsis: College students killed off one by one by the surviving members of a family massacre years earlier for trespassing on their living grounds in the old mansion.

1. Scream denotation grabs the audiences attention and signifies horror although it starts off almost as a chick flick as it is based at an abandoned mansion.
2. Lot of props used- devil horns to signify horror.
3. Hair styles and close signify the time period (80s)
4. The sound coming from the stereo on screen also signifies the time period as its more of your typical rock music sang by a woman it appeals to both genders. The sound is polysemic cant be sure where isnt coming from.
5. Lots of woman dressed in revealing outfits we get the idea of who the scream queen is from the opening few minutes of the film when we get inside the house- she is wearing red procovative clothing.
6. Final boy looks to be a geek called- we assume this because he is the binary opposite to one of the other characters.
7. Meet a possiable 'final girl'- she isnt over-confident like the scream queen and we learn shes "pretty enough" through exposition.
8. Red thick text on screen almost blood-like.

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