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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

MA- Deconstruction: Madhouse (2004, William Butler)

Budget: $3 million
Box Office: (Not found)
Madhouse seems to be a remake of the 1974 film called madhouse. 
Synopsis: A young psychiatric intern unearths secrets about the mental health facility in which he works.

Distribution: Redbus Home Entertainment 
1. Panning shot- low angle shot of a old style light. Blueish tint to the frame to signify cold and darkness. There is so little natural light coming from the window - it fades in and out. Blue writing on a white wall wihich is dripping like blood "Theres no place like home" this could signify a cold blooded person. 
2. Camers pans to right to show a long corridor, all white which implies that it could be somewhere clean and professional such as a hopsital. Light white curtains all the way down the corridor and wind is blowing them around- this gives off an spooky ghost like feel. Lost of like signifies that there is someone else present. Srcreen fades white.
3. Jump cut to a very short shot of a body covered in blood which looks like a babies body. It also looks to be drowning but more achorage is needed to get the preferred reading- narrative enigma. Cut back to the corridor, woman dressed in white covered in a veil walks towards the camera. Jump cuts to her being closer to the camera we see that she is carrying a small child. Jump cut to a strange drawing, then to a man in a bedroom he looks zombie like and he is covered in blood and his mouth is severed. Cuts bck to the corridor which fades to black.
4. Cut to the same background as the shot with the bloody man but there is a womans face that is also covered in blood. Lump cut to a window with a womans face thats looks all mangled with lots of blood. Then there is a flash and cut to a body hanging unspide down, it seems to be struggling .
5. Cut to a mans face, all bloody and is thrashing around. Back to the corridor. Flash to a drawing with loads of eyes. Cut back to the corridor- brown haired woman in long dress, flashes and she moves towards the screen. Extreme/ close up.
  • Time period is represetned firstly by the quality of the camera, it is only slightly worse then the camera quality today. This signifies it is quite a resent film. The corridor that is used in the opening quite a lot, it looks slightly dated with old furnishings such as the lights and doors. When we see a quick shot of the woman stood in the corridor she looksto be wearing a nighty- something people dont really wear these days. There arnt any aspects of modern technology with suggests that the date of the film is slightly older then when it was filmed.
  • The clothing of the characters in the flashbacks seems to be dated, the clothes of the people chasing the hooded character seem to be plain and could be part of a uniform. The makeup of the all the characters seems real-like in some ways- the blood looks real. To show that there is lots of gore the characters are made to look dead.
  • There is lots of narative enigma in the opening of this film. From watching this it showed me how too much narrative enigma can just be confusing for the audience, it didnt make a lot of sense. What i shall take from this is that in my opening i wiil use more expostion so the audience understand the preffered reading. I also wont have as many 1 or 2 second shots as these can become annoying and also not make any sense.

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