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Monday, 17 January 2011

MA-Deconstruction-Jennifers Body (2009) Karyn Kusama

Jennifers Body  (2009)
Director: Karyn Kusama
Budget: $16 Million
Box Office: £16.2 Million

1. Opening Shot- Establishing shot of house. Setting is night. Tracking shot through rather big garden. Mise-en-scene: Swing Rope in corner of shot. This could signify that tchildren live in the house. Having a swing rope instead of a proper swing set could also signify the social class of the poeple living in the house as working class. Also the type of house celarly signifes America- by having the porch. The the production label comes up on screen. Tracking shot towards house.
2. Cut to extreme close up of female scartching her arm. This couls signify this female is the killer rather than hero.
3. Cut to shot out hedge outside and house in the background- tracking shot around the around towards house. This could be a POV shot.
4. Cut back to female- ex.close up of her mouth.
5. Cut to outside- close up of window of house- POV tracking shot. Television in seen in background with diagetic sounds of a programme faint in distance.
6. Cuts to a wicker basket (very little lighting) the film title appears in pink sans serif font. This is not a general convention of horror titles we expect we normally associate it with 'chick flicks'. It doesnt fit with the preferred reading. In saying that, even main actress Megan Fox  (who is a well known actress) stars in this, another general convention of horror is to have rather unknown actrors.
7. Cut away shot of the TV with diegetic sound.
8. Close up of actress face then jump cut to a hooded female at the window and non-diegetic loud bang 
9. Another jump cut to POV from outside the window then the hooded female is gone.
10. Non-diegetic speech and close up of the gilrs face.

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