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Sophie Dixon, Emily Moore and Melodie Abraham

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Evaluation 5

How did you attract/address your audience?

We attracted/addressed our audience in several ways. Our target audience was 15-24 males and females with a secondary audience being slightly older and younger. We used narrative enigma in regards to the male character George and with katie and at the start you dont see her face to attract the audience and keep them interested. Also by have George as the first person on screen it makes the audience assume he is going to be the killer. We also used a false scare to attract the audience and also make our product 'fit' in with other films as this is a technique typical of the slasher genre. As previously said people most likely to watch are film are people from the same area which is yorkshire and by having the our cast with the same regional accents it helps the audience to identify with the cast although we had to make sure the product looks realistic so having a 17year old owning a salon is not so we had to make Katie look older then her actual age which was qite easy to create by making her quite heavily made up, this in turn also made her subject to the male gaze as well as Colette which should hepl reinforce our male audience. We wanted to have a a traditional 'scream queen' which was played by colette we wanted her to appeal to Laura Mulvey male gaze also we used suggested sexual content, when Colette gets into the tanning booth and drops the towel outside- we hoped this would help get a male audience. By having a female killer instead of the typical male we wanted to make the product appeal to a feminist audience and by putting a feminist spin on the genre we feel we could widen our potential audience. Katie was meant to be more like the 'final girl' then the 'scream queen'.

We wanted to have music that would help build up tension and create suspense so we used high ptich strings and notes that echoed each other to get the effect. An example of this is 'The Shining' it contains low notes that keep the audience in suspense as they are waiting for the next note but dont know when its going to come. "Repetitive high pitched notes in a common rhythm are now a staple in the horror industry. The movies have used these musical sections in reference to stabbings, especially the stabbing in Psycho. People have a fear of stabbing; stabbing is linked to the music, and now the music causes fear." Also we used our idents to keep the audiences attention, we wanted to make them look professional and to a high standard so that the audience would be impressed.

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