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Monday, 21 March 2011

Evaluation 4

Who would be the audience for your media product?

Our core target audience would be aged 15-24 both males and females. The secondary audience would be people with an interest in low-budget indie films or other media students. As we stated in an earlier post on classification we feel our film would get a 15 rating due to the nature of the film and the implications of the axe and some of the language that is used, at first when we were planning the story we knew we wanted to to target an audience similar to our own age so we knew what certain things we would have to exclude for this to happen such as very strong language and extreme gore. We also thought that it would have this rating because many other films like ours have this rating such as psycho and the rating of that film was set by the bbfc so we looked at this films and others and decided what age our audience should be targeted at. We also looked at recent films to see if there was an audience for our film and a very recent film called Attack the block which was a action/sci-fi horror has certifiate 15. Obviously older people and people younger than our target audience are going to watch our film as many people older than 24 have an interest in amateur indie films. Because our film is only an opening with a very small budget it is very unlikely that it would be seen by any people overseas but if it did it maybe wouldn't be understood as well due to the accents of our cast (they are all from yorkshire). This is why it is targeted at british 15-24.

Targeting both a male and female audience was what we wanted at achieve because we want the film to be seen by as many people as possible.  We wanted to include a strong female character which we did by having a female killer, this would appeal to our female audience as well as having a female "scream queen"   to appeal to our male audience as part of the "male gaze". Middle class could be another secondary audience for the film because of the setting and the characters we use, although Yorkshire is typically seen as having stupid working class our film is set in a very middle class area and our character speak with quite 'posh' yorkshire accents. Also the soundtrack is set to appeal to our core audience as following many other 15 rated film we used the soundtrack to create suspense and build up tension.

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