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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

ALL- Deconstruction: April Fools Day (Fred Walton) (1986)

Budget: $5,000,000.
Box Office: $12,500,000.
Remade in 2008.
Re-make Budget: $5million

Synopsis-A group of college students staying on a remote island in a mansion are slowly killed off by killing taking place on April fools Day starring Deborah Foreman and others.

1. Set in the present day, filmed on a home-video camers signified by black and white lines on the screen due to the tape being worn out.
2. Set on a pier signified by mise-en-scene such as boats, dock, life jackets etc 
   - setting also signifies the characters are middle/upper class that have money.
3. Exposition, uggested they are all sexually active.
4. The scream queen is signified by hair colour and size of chest but also the way she speaks and what she says suggesting she is not hugely educated and being very open about being sexually active.
5. Transition to a basement, obsession with a jack in the box anchored by numerous close-ups.
6. Cut to a flashback of the girl recieving it as a present.
7. Scream queen counter type. In flashback child lloks determined rather than innocent.
8.Broken dummy foreshadows what is to come later on.
9. Brown-haired girl in modest chlothing- could be final girl.

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