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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

ALL- Deconstruction- Saw (James Wan, 2004)

Saw (James Wan) (2004)

Budget: $1.2 milllion.
Genre: Horror.
Box Office UK: £6.6million.
               US: $55 million.

Saw is a film about two victims waking up in amurder lair of a serial killer named 'Jigsaw' where he orders them to take part in a 'game to survive'.

  •  Serif font in opening- No establishing shot very slow panning shot.
  • Slight movement in most shots to signify realism.
  • Character Adam first to be seen on screen- could signify he is the protagonist.
  • Exposition tells us it is set in america- the accent of the characters.
  • Gun is used which from what ive learned is unusual for horror films as they are normally used in action films.    
  • Narrative enigma used, we dont see the killers face at any point.
  • Digetic sound is used in a darkened room this is sometimes exaggerated
  • Anchorage of the time period from the clothing and tape recorder
  • Binary Opposition, two oppsite characters one being a doctor and the other quite scruffy middle class looking guy (scruffy clothes, jeans).
  • There is no killer which is unusual for a horror but expected in Saw films as they have to work together and survive or kill themselves. 
  • 15-24 (and upwards) Audience like our film opening coursework task, which is shown in Saws box office . 
  • From this film i dont think we are going to use many of it ito influence our idea because the story is no where near ours, but like saw we are not showing our killer so we are using narrative enigma. In saw 'jigsaw' i shown but he wears a disguise so you cant see his face. The tools we use are going to be similar, the characters have to use a saw and in our opening we are using an axe. 
  • One this we noticed in his opening which doesnt fit with the normal codes and conventions of horrors is that a establishing shot isnt used at the beginning, its obviously why this isnt used, because they want to use narrative enigma as the characters dont know where they are- we will be using an establishing shot in our opening. 

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