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Sophie Dixon, Emily Moore and Melodie Abraham

Friday, 4 February 2011

Revised initial idea.

From our research we have used this to adapt our idea to make it fit with the genre. Instead of having an all female cast we changed to have one male character to appeal to both sexes because we have seen in some openings that the majority feature male and female characters- linking from this, we have decided to stick with our female killer even though traditionally there is usually male killer and a female 'scream queen' we did this to add a feminist spin on your usual horror and to genrally be abit different. We have used narrative enigma with the female salon owner so you dont see her face until later on in the opening. By applying Todorovs theory:
  1. Equilibrium - The first few shots in the salon follwed by the customer walking in.
  2. Diseqilibrium - Customer being killed.
  3. The disequilibrium would be the rest of the film but in out case we only are producing the film opening.
There is going to be a question of who has killed colette (narrative) to make it abit more interesting and to make the audience have to think about and have their own opinion of who has killed the customer.

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