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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

General Conventions of i am legend

I am legend (Francis Lawrence,2007) is a post-apocalypic science fiction film
Warner Brother Pictures- Distrubtion
Overbrook Entertainment- Producing

-The film starts with non-diagetic sound during the titles which is the voice from the television in the next shot.
-Narrative Enigma
-Exposition is provided by a flash-back of a news report.
-Flash-back used to give the audience the preferred reading.
-Black out with non-diagetic signifies times lapse.
-Establishing shot shows the location(New York City). With writing layed on top to signify a time lapse.
-Panning shots also show the location
-Over exaggerated diagetic sound.
-Close up of weapon- an important object as it shows that action is in this film.
-Close up of main character (protagonist) and then follows this character.
-Exposition is provided by the clothes and mannerisms of the protagonist as he is there only person in most of the film.
-Narrative- Such as in Todrovs theory with the 3 stages;
•As there is a flash back at the start there is 2 two sets of equilibrium. The first is the old EQ is before the cure for cancer is found, the dis-EQ is when the cure is found and the new EQ is when everyone turns into zombie-like creature. The second set of equilibriums starts with the new-old EQ where will smith is the last survivor, the new-dis EQ is when he meets another survivor and has to sacrifice himself to save her and the cure and the new-new equilibrium is when the new survior leaves with the cure and everyone is saved.

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