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Group Photo
Sophie Dixon, Emily Moore and Melodie Abraham

Thursday, 20 January 2011

SD & MA- Casting

Our working title is 'waxed'. For our filming we want 3 actors/actresses. Originally we were going to have 3 women actors, one murderer, one victim and one client. Since then we have changed the idea to add another dimension to our film. By adding a male character we are hoping it will show how our film is a counter-type of most slasher films. We wanted to do a feminist spin on the genre hence us deciding to have a female killer.

Our ideal victim if we had a choice of a scream queen would be Drew Barrymoore from Scream or Jamie Lee Curtis because they are blonde and signify a typical scream queen.

Heidi Montag (right) the reality star of the US would be the perfect scream queen because she has long blonde hair and a large chest although obviously we could never have her in our film due to us having no budget and that we are playing around with stereotypes to confuse our audience and be different.

Our ideal killer would be Jessica Alba because she would represent a more intelligent and thin woman with brown hair although she tends to be casted in rom-coms. For example a strong female killer although obviously we cant get these people to be in our film so we have chosen to have a Brunette killer that is busty and a Blonde scream queen that is not busty to make the audience think about and question the potential of who will be the killer.

Killer: Katie Mallows
Victim: Colette Howarth
Second client: George Clayton.

We have chosen this casting because katie (the killer) is well done up and has brown hair signifying a beautician role also she has a large chest so she fits more of the scream queen role if she was blonde. The victim, Colette is blonde also signifying a scream queen so they audience prosume the killer is the man who we learn about first in the opening but this is not the case. We create false scares such as a scream in the waxing room.
We thought of someone like Milla Jovovich who plays alice in the film 'Resident Evil' She is the last surviver (final girl). We obviously cannot get her.

 Katie Mallows who will play the killer in our film.

Colette Howarth will play our victim.

George Clayton will play the role of the other customer whos appointment is after Colette's.

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